Heathkit HW-8

I can't decide whether Heathkit were ahead of the game when it came to QRP transceivers, or whether they really started the whole thing off!

The HW-8 is one of the famous "Hot Water" series of QRP transceivers and the example shown here was built by Ian Marsh, G4EXD back in 1977.   Ian has kindly lent me the unit in order that it may be featured on this site.

Unlike my DTR-3 this is a multi-band transceiver (80m, 40m, 20m and 15m) and is a superhet rather than direct-conversion design. 

There is no "single-sideband" filter in the IF chain, therefore the receiver produces both a "real" and "image" of the received signal, something one has to be aware of when netting on to a station when having a QSO.

The power output is 2 to 3W depending on band and supply voltage.

The vast majority of the components are mounted on the single main PCB, and as you can see from the internal photographs, the component density is quite high!   Ian tells me the unit worked first time.

At the time of writing the main TX/RX relay is giving problems, possibly due to the amount of time this radio has sat on a shelf gathering dust.  Itis anticipated that a little careful contact cleaning will restore full serviceability.  Those with keen eyes will spot that the relay in question is an "open" type.

Page Updated :- September 20th 2009