Why have I created this site?

For a number of reasons, but principally one of "self-education".

A bit of history ...

This micro web site was originally located at the QTH of G4FUI in Penrith, Cumbria, UK

My radio-related interests are many and varied (perhaps too much so!) but these include computing and computer networking. So here is a combination of radio, computing and networking, a locally-hosted radio-related web site!

The web site ran quite successfully on an old 1GHz Athlon PC running Ubuntu Linux (dual-bootable with Windows XP Home), running the famous Apache2 web server software.

I registered the qrpradio.co.uk domain with a UK hosting company, but I didn't buy a hosting package to go with it. I modified the DNS record for the domain name to point to my own static IP address. Using the concept of "virtual hosting", this meant I could host the site along with another domain I had registered (g4fui.com) on my own equipment, a kind of "HomeBrew QRP" web site!

For a non-programmer such as myself this seemed to start with quite daunting, but it only took me a weekend from start to finish to achieve the objective I had set myself of getting this site up and functioning (albeit with a shortage of content ...), so anyone can do it! I learned quite a lot in the process, of course.

Eventually, having found a cost-effective (i.e. cheap) web hosting package which seemed to suit my modest requirements, I decided to transfer the site onto an externally-hosted server, and not to have to worry about whether my own machine was up and running, and so on, and in the event that the site became popular and well-used, the public at large would get an improved level of service.

On 17th August 2009 I moved the site to Free Virtual Servers

There is still much, much more to learn of course, and I have only really just begun my journey ...

Eventually, this site will actually be more about "QRP Radio" and less about website hosting!

page first created :- 8th February 2009
page last modified :- October 7th 2011

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